Environmental Programs at Monastery Run


Wetland Wonders: Grades pre-K-2 (1.5 hours)

Discover the wetland ecosystem and all its wonders. What is a wetland and what plants and animals live there? This primary program focuses on how we use our senses to experience nature.
Minimum 15 students, Maximum 25 students

Wild and Wonderful Wetland Experience
Grades 3-6 (2 Hours)

Hands-on activities in the wetland allow students to investigate the mysterious orange water, dissect a weird wetland plant, inspect creepy crawlers, and at the end they “Iron It Out”.
Minimum 15 students, Maximum 40 students

Critters and Chemistry: Investigation of the Wetlands at Monastery Run: 
Grades 7-9 (2 Hours)

Chemical and biological parameters are investigated at the beginning and end of the wetland system. Students collect macroinvertebrates, analyze mine water, and chart data. Field kits and sampling equipment are used to determine what is happening chemically and biologically in the wetland cells as the mine water travels through five wetland ponds during the treatment process.
Minimum 15 students, Maximum 25 students

Scout-It-Out Wetland Adventure
: (2 Hours)

Scouts examine the wonders of wetlands while using various techniques to observe nature and sample mine drainage. By looking at insect diversity, plant adaptation, and completing chemical analysis of the mine water in the wetland, and collecting stream organisms, Scouts can determine the effects of the wetlands on stream health.
Minimum 15 students, Maximum 25 students

Monastery Run Tree Discovery Trail Program: (2 Hours)

Webelos scout forage into the woods and wetlands to earn their Forester Badge. Scouts become part of a tree and act out their function, determine how old their “tree” is, identify types of forests, and discuss wildfires and how to prevent them. In the field, they identify trees and forest plants and explain their uses.
Minimum 15 students, Maximum 25 students                              

WORLD OF WETLANDS: Grades 4-6  (2 Hours)  Ecosystems (focusing on the wetlands)

Students explore the wonders of wetlands and their function in the environment.  Students examine the water, soil, animals, and plants found at the Monastery Run Project Wetlands to gain the knowledge of this ecosystem’s functional role in the environment.
Minimum 15 students, Maximum 25 students


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