In-School Programs


When you can’t come to Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve, we can bring the Reserve to you! We bring our resources right to your classroom, event, or other location and utilize them along with any natural resources at your location. Contact the staff at the Environmental Learning Barn to schedule your program. If you don’t see a program that addresses your needs, or if you have an age group that is not listed, let us know and we may be able to adapt to your needs.


Operation Squish Squash (Grades K-3) (1 hour)
What is a wetland and how do students learn to discriminate between these types of ecosystems? Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve staff will bring the mystery of wetlands into your classroom! The “Wetland Mystery Box” will actively engage students in wetland identification and wetland plant and animal recognition. Question and answer sessions, as well as riddles will enlighten children as to the many plants and animals that inhabit wetlands across the country.  Freshwater and saltwater, marshes and swamps are introduced and explained to the students.

Marsh Madness (Grades 4-6) (1 hour)
What is your students understanding of wetlands as a vital part of the environment? Can they describe the different functions of a wetland? Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve staff will bring the functions of a wetland into your classroom! Students will be introduced to wetland ecosystems and their valuable functions through a relay-based, cooperative group exercise that students are guaranteed to enjoy.

Goodbye Orange Water II (Grades 6-9)
How does mine drainage impact a stream ecosystem? How does a wetland naturally restore the health of a stream?   Students are introduced to passive wetland treatment technology, mine drainage chemistry, and iron oxide recycling.

Watershed Ways (Grades 4-7)
What is a watershed? What do we do in our communities to pollute our watershed?  Students learn how to use a relief model and maps to determine the watershed boundaries.  Students also become water drops and take a journey down a life-size  interactive stream game!

Tree-mendous (Grades K-2)
How do these tall woody plants function? Through interactive games and activities, students learn the parts and functions of trees in an ecosystem.  Students create a vest that will remind students of the parts of a tree.