Early Childhood Field Trips

Educational Nature Programs for Grades PreK-2

General Information:

-All ECE programs meet and take place at the WPNR Learning Center Barn with the exception of “Wetland Wonders” which meets and takes place at the Monastery Run Improvement Project.

-Field trip groups are permitted to bring a snack or lunch for the students for before or after the program and can use the lower level classroom and/or back patio for that purpose.

-Field Trip Groups are encouraged to explore the trails and Reserve grounds independently following their scheduled program.


All programs are scheduled:



-10:00 am or 1:00 pm

-On a first come, first serve basis


All half day field trip programs cost $6.00 per student with no charge for adults. We require at least one adult chaperone per each group of students.

Class Size:

Field trip groups will be charged for a minimum of 15 students and are allowed a maximum of 50 students.

Animal Show:

Add a live animal show onto any half day program for an addition $2.oo per student. Students will get up close and personal with WPNR’s educational ambassador animals including Eastern Box Turtles and an American Bullfrog.

Full Day Option:

Double up your day with a morning and an afternoon program! Full Day Programs include 2 WPNR staff led programs, and animal show and use of the classroom for lunch and cost $12.00 per student.

Program Options:

Rollie Pollie Party (1.5 hr.)

Have you ever wondered about “Rollie Pollies?” In this program, students will investigate real live pill bugs, have a “ball” creating a unique craft, move like a pill bug, & more!

Pollinators in Our Garden (1.5 hr.)

Students will buzz about the Reserve to conduct a “mini” bee count, make a hive, be a worker or a queen for the day, & learn about honey making.

Monarch Magic (July-October Only) (1.5 hr.)

Explore & learn about this migratory insect from egg to adult. Students will discover the larva up-close, make a life cycle, & move like a monarch to discover its magic!

Vulture View (1.5 hr.)

What would it be like to soar like the mysterious vulture? Students take flight with yoga, a story, a vulture craft & a bird beak buffet.

Compost Stew (1.5 hr.)

Do worms eat your garbage? Students examine real red wigglers, make a mini compost tube, and play recycle relay to learn how nature & people can recycle waste.

Earth Day is Every Day (1.5 hr.)

Each day is Earth Day at WPNR! Students take a journey with Michael Recycle, explore the earth on a mini-nature hike, become a conservation pirate, and more!

Dinosaur Day (1.5 hr.)

A “Roaring” good time for students and teachers alike. Children become mini archeologists & dig for skeletal remains, find dinosaur eggs, & create a prehistoric beast.

Tike Hike (at WPNR) (2 hr.)

Students will explore a variety of habitats and ecosystems around the Reserve during this 6 station program. Students will learn birding basics, how to identify macroinvertebrates in a pond, how to ager a tree, what’s under a fallen log, and more on a hike around the Reserve!

Wetland Wonders (at MRIP) (2 hr.)

Students will discover the variety of life that call a wetland ecosystem home. This program includes a Story Introduction, a Wetland Walk and Scavenger Hunt, a Frog Sound Station, and a Bug Station.

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