Educational Nature Programs for Grades 3-9

General Information:

-All field trip programs meet and take place at the either the WPNR Learning Center Barn (WPNR Programs) or the Saint Vincent College Gristmill Classroom (MRIP Programs). Bus parking and restrooms available at both.

-Field trip groups are permitted to bring a snack or lunch for the students for before or after the program and can use the lower level classroom and/or back patio for that purpose.

-Field Trip Groups are encouraged to explore the trails and Reserve grounds independently following their scheduled program.


All programs are scheduled:



-10:00 am or 1:00 pm

-On a first come, first serve basis


All half day field trip programs cost $6.00 per student with no charge for adults. We require at least a 1:6 chaperone to student ratio.

Class Size:

Field trip groups will be charged for a minimum of 15 students and are allowed a maximum of 50 students.

Animal Show:

Add a live animal show onto any half day program for an addition $2.oo per student. Students will get up close and personal with WPNR’s educational ambassador animals including Eastern Box Turtles and an American Bullfrog.

Full Day Option:

Double up your day with a morning and an afternoon program! Full Day Programs include 2 WPNR staff led programs, and animal show and use of the classroom for lunch and cost $12.00 per student.

Program Options

Programs at WPNR:

Micro to Macro Worlds in the Environment (Grades 3-6) (2 hr.)

Students investigate living worlds found at the Reserve. Examine the macro worlds of the pond, a fallen log, & a meadow & discover the micro world in a drop of pond water!

Tike Hike (Grades 3-6) (2 hr.)

Students are guided in small groups along the Nature Reserve trails to bird with binoculars, identify plants and insects, count tree rings, dip net in the pond, and more! Each station encourages respectful & careful investigation of nature.

Nature Poetry (Grades 3-9) (2 hr.)

Take a Poetry Hike around the Reserve. Students will leave with a nature poetry journal filled different style poems they write themselves!  Using nature as their muse, students will experience how much nature can inspire artists & authors alike!

Bird Basics (Grades 3-6) (2 hr.)

Students will be immersed in the avian world in Bird Basics. Explore different bird beaks, discover what owl eat, learn to bird and more in this avian adventure!

All About H2O (Grades 3-9) (2 hr.)

Where does water come from and where does it go? Who live in the water? Why does water act the way it does? All questions students will be able to answer after this hands-on program!

Programs at MRIP:

Wonders of Wetland Life (Grades 3-4) (2 hr.)

Students explore the wonders of wetlands and the creatures who call them home. Dissect a special wetland plant, learn about insect adaptations, dip for insects that live UNDER the water, and more!

Wild and Wonderful Wetland Experience (Grades 5-6) (2 hr.)

Hands on activities in the wetland allow students to investigate the mysterious orange water, look at wetland soil, and dive deeper into how wetlands remove Abandoned Mine Drainage!

Critters and Chemistry (Grades 7-9) (2 hr.)

Chemical and biological parameters are investigated at the beginning and end of the wetland system. Students collect macroinvertebrates, analyze mine water, and chart data.  Filed kits and sampling equipment are used to determine what is happening chemically and biologically in the wetland cells as the mine water travels through five wetland ponds during the treatment process.

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