Field and Barn July 20081Dragonfly Hike, Wetlands_7_27_2012.jpg 022Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve at Saint Vincent College has implemented a new photography policy effective August 1, 2015.   Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve at Saint Vincent College has many expenses in order to provide a natural setting for the surrounding community to enjoy. As a nonprofit organization, ongoing fundraising is essential in order to continue to provide our many services to the community. Since this site offers such a unique backdrop that is often utilized by commercial photographers for their businesses, it has become necessary for us to enact this policy in order to defray some of the expenses of maintaining this unique backdrop.   
This policy applies to any professional, commercial photographer / an individual who intends to utilize photographs taken at the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve for a fee or for commercial purposes.   That is, any photographers who are selling photos for profit or publication. The permit fee of $300 per year will be due upon application and before any photographs are taken.  A fine will be imposed to commercial photographers without a permit.
For more information , please contact the Reserve at 724-537-5284.

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