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Preschool Field Trip Options

Schedule your students to enjoy a special program designed for children ages 3-7 years of age (Grades PreK-2).  Each program includes four stations, Interactive Story Corner; Creative Craft; Outdoor Activity (weather dependent); and a Game or Kinesthetic Activity, led by a naturalist educator.


I’m a Pill Bug – Have you ever wondered about the “Rollie Pollie”? The program will investigate real live pill bugs; have a “ball” creating a unique craft, move like a pill bug, and more!

Pollinators in Our Garden- A Bee Exploration – Students will buzz about the Reserve grounds to conduct a “mini” bee count, make a hive, be a worker or a queen for the day, and learn about honey making.


Monarch Magic – Come explore and learn about this migratory insect from egg to adult. Children will discover the larva up-close, make a life cycle and move like a monarch to discover it’s magic!

Vulture View – What would it be like to soar like a mysterious vulture? Students take their view through yoga, story, and a bird beak buffey. They even make a flying vulture to take home.


The Little Yellow Leaf – Why did the “Little Yellow Leaf” hang onto the Oak Tree? Children will find out why, make their own oak leaf collage, take an Autumn Adventure, and a tree nature hike.

Compost Stew – Do worms eat your garbage? Students examine real red wigglers, make a mini compost tube, and play recycle relay to learn how nature and people can recycle waste.


Earth Day is Everyday – Each day is Earth Day at the Reserve! Children take a journey with Michael Recycles, create their own unique recycled sculpture, take a mini-nature hike, and play recycle relay.

Dinosaur Day – A “Roaring” good time for students and teachers alike. Children become mini archeologists and go on a dig for skeletal remains, find dinosaur eggs, and create a puzzle of a prehistoric beast.

Tike Hike – A smaller version of our Nature Discovery Hike. Students will explore birds with binoculars, dip net in the pond, count tree rings, and more on a hike around the Reserve.

Wetland Wonders – Students will explore a unique ecosystem. What is a wetland? Why is the water orange? What lives in and around a wetland? Students will explore and discover these wetland wonders.


  • – Programs are designed for children ages 3-6 years of age (Grades PreK-2)
  • – Discovery Stations led by a naturalist educator/student teacher include an Interactive Story Corner; Creative Craft; Outdoor Activity (weather dependent); and a Game or Kinesthetic Activity.
  • – Full day programs available at $14/student, or half day programs at $6.00/student. There is no charge for adults
  • – Minimum number of students is 15, maximum number of students is 50.
  • – Programs are scheduled Tuesday-Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • – Teachers are permitted to bring a snack for the children following their scheduled program.
  • – Schools are encouraged to explore the trails and Reserve grounds independently following their scheduled program.
  • – All programs take place at Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve with the exception of ‘Wetland Wonders’ which takes place at the Monastery Run Improvement Project.

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